NEVER USE A WATER JET for Bitumen fires !!


#Bitumen #fires must be #extinguished by smothering so that the continued supply of #oxygen can be prevented. Small fires can be put out with a blanket of foam, dry powder or carbon dioxide extinguishers. Large fires are extinguished preferably by using foam or dry powder extinguishers but there is a danger of fires flaring up again. #Foam and powder do not provide a lasting oxygen free atmosphere in bitumen fires. Fires in tank insulation can be put out using steam from a spray unit or a dry powder #extinguisher. It is essential to #always replace contaminated insulation. If it is not replaced the fire could ignite again when oxygen is reintroduced unless the temperature is well below 100C. Ensure that workplaces and road tankers are equipped with extinguishers of the correct size and type.

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#Extinguishing #bitumen #fires