Bitumen Emulsion Advantages

Bitumen emulsions, the main products of the company, are non-toxic, non volatile and a new generation of liquid bitumen which is a green alternative for cutback bitumen and that is the reason why the production and development of bitumen emulsions has been considered as the most important goal by this company. 

Due to kerosene content of cutback bitumen, they suffer from essential problems in utilizations per the following:

–          Consuming the kerosene as a valuable commodity

–          Environmental contamination due to evaporation of the solvent into the air and penetration into the soil layers and underground watersheds. 

–          Risks of combustion and respiration of kerosene while operating.

Using water instead of for kerosene in bitumen emulsion, not only avoid the problems of cutback bitumen, but also it causes an increase in the bitumen efficiency and adhesiveness; meanwhile this type of bitumen has a higher quality and may be applied in lower temperatures.

The advantages of the bitumen emulsion are as follows: 

  1. No need for heating process when operating.
  2. No need for chemical solvents 
  3. No risk of fire during storage, transportation and implementation 
  4. No risk of environmental contamination 
  5. Applicable in humid climates
  6. Extensive application in road construction and maintenance

Another application of bitumen emulsion is stabilization of the shifting sands and mulching which are effective for the desert and western area of the country suffering the risk of exposure to dust.