Fog Seal

Fog Seal Spraying #bitumen emulsion without #aggregates, aiming to revive #asphalt layers. #Fogseal can fill small #cracks, help seal sand and gravel in the asphalt, and prevent honeycombing. Fog seal can be used in both #high-traffic and low-traffic roadways, where depending on the breaking time of the bitumen emulsion, the traffic must be avoided for 2-3 hours. Obviously, fog seal is not recommended for roads that are not cracked or porous. It is better to apply fog seal during warm weathers, helping the existing water evaporate faster; of course, it can be installed in mild weathers. Its installation in cold weather will require longer periods for the water to evaporate and the emulsion to stick. At the time of installation the temperature of the bitumen emulsion must be between 50 and 70 degrees Celsius, while the asphalt surface must be at least 10 degrees Celsius. Fog seal is unable to fill long and deep cracks, and these should be patched beforehand. Fog seal can increase the lifespan of asphalt up to four years. The amount of bitumen used in fog seal is 300 to 1200 grams per square meters, depending on the asphalt condition.


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