Bitumen Emulsion K1-70

Bitumen Emulsion K1-70

K1-70 is a cationic (rapid setting) road emulsion that contains 67% bitumen, is black in color and is manufactured strictly as per KS 02-769: 1990 standard.

Property Result
Particle charge Pos.
Residue on 710 um KS sieve (%)(m/m), maximum
Residue on 150 um KS sieve (g per 100 mL), maximum
Binder content (%)(m/m), minimum 67
Viscosity (degrees Engler (°E) at 20°C)
Viscosity redwood No. II (s at 85°C) 25-35
Storage stability (long period test) % water content difference, maximum


Bituminous-aggregate applications

Treatments and seals:

  • Single surface treatment
  • Multiple surface treatment
  • Sand seal


Penetration macadam

  • Small voids

* K1-70 may be used as a tack coat in special cases where night construction or high humidity exists.