West European group Company   has proceeded to pave the way for exporting drummed bitumen since 2013 by merchandising them and achieving international standards and certificates, which was finally accomplished by exporting MC30 bitumen (MC30 in 200 Kg blue drums) and other cutback grades for the first time in Africa . After a year, merchandising bitumen emulsion was inserted into company’s agenda, leading to accomplishment in country’s first bitumen emulsion export. At the present time, by dispatching hundred tons of cutback bitumen and emulsion bitumen filled within drums to major ports whole world, the company is indeed one of the key suppliers of bitumen, both cutback and emulsion, in the Middle East,Africa  allowing demanders to import bitumen from our Company .
The company is able to supply and deliver bitumen as below-mentioned terms:
– EXW: (EX-WORKS) delivery of goods at West Company warehouse In Africa .
– FCA: (Free Carrier) delivery of stated goods
– CPT: (Carriage Paid-to) delivery of goods at a specified destination
– CFR: (Cost and Freight) delivery of goods at destination port