Your Bitumen Solution

West European Group S.A.R.L Company  is ready to supply different types of cutback bitumen, including MC30, MC70, MC250, MC800, MC3000   and cationic emulsion bitumen types such as CSS-1, CMS-2, CRS-2 and CRS-1 for domestic and global markets This company is the contractor of construction and maintenance of a significant part of Middle East & Africa roads network. The implementation of the protective asphalt including but not limited to fog seal, seal coat, surface treatment and chip seal compose a large part of the company activities in a way that around 2000 Km of the roads have been treated with protective coating within the past couple of years.  The products of this company bear the compulsory standard  and accredited by the Technical and Soil Mechanics Laboratory of the Ministry of Road and Urban Development, and all products comply with ASTM International Standard (D2027 D2397) and CE 1922(EN15322:2009)European Standard.

Some of the target countries are, U.A.E, Qatar , Tanzania, Kenya, Turkey, Ethopia, Djibouti,Greece , Azarbaijan , Armenia  , India .


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