#Seal Coat

#SealCoat Spraying bitumen emulsion with a layer of gravel atop it. #Emulsions with longer breaking time should be used for sealcoating. In addition to creating a desirable surface, sealcoating can provide suitable friction properties and waterproof the #asphalt. Seal coat can be used at any times, and for different degrees of pavement distress, however, a layer of fog seal is recommended before #sealcoating. The best #temperature for applying a seal coat is warm or hot weather. Humid and cold weather will increase the drying time needed before the traffic is allowed to pass, which in warm weather will take four hours at most. In terms of function, depending on climatic conditions and the volume of traffic, seal coated road will take up to six hours to be ready for operation. Sealcoating is recommended for #low-traffic rural and secondary roads, and not for high-traffic main roads.

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