Protective Asphalt

The asphalt surface of the roads can experience erosion, raveling, loss of #aggregate,#honeycombing, and #sulphate attacks over time due to weather conditions such as frost, sunlight, heat, and also road salting, snow removal, as well as the effects of excessive loading and friction, especially caused by tire chains and snowplow blades. Failing to repair and install overlay asphalt in due time will allow damages to expand, leading to complete destruction of the road surface and even the underlying layers. The use of protective layers is recommended to prevent intensification of asphalt wear out, postpone overlay installation, maintain the existing conditions, and fill the cracks.

In addition to providing a suitable road surface, these layers will #waterproof it and prevent the destruction of asphalt and its underlying layers. This is a cheap maintenance method that will ensure uninterrupted and secure operation of the roads. Different methods are recommended based on the degree of destruction, the weight and volume of traffic, and type of asphalt. These methods are inexpensive and can be employed early after or even before the beginning of asphalt pavement distress.

#Protective #Asphalt